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5 Steps to the Perfect Team Picnic

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Friday night marked the annual Picnic on The Stray for the WMG team.

Our friends from NetConstruct and Ingenuity Digital joined us for sunshine, food, drinks, cricket and giant Jenga on the huge grassy fields that those familiar with Harrogate will know as “The Stray”.

The event kicked off at 5pm, with the teams descending on the Stray for after work drinks. The picnic got underway with people tucking into wraps, mini-bagels, vol-au-vent’s and some deliciously-sweet mini puds. With Elderflower Pimms, bottles of beers, summer fruits ciders and G&T’s, there was something for everyone.

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Once the 5 gorilla tubs of drinks had been finished, and the food had been cleared, the team carried on the picnic party in the pub!

A good team social all round!

We put together our 5 Steps to the Perfect Team Picnic. Check out our tips below!

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We chose the Stray in Harrogate for our location. We wanted somewhere spacious, grassy, but close to town (and loos!), with the added bonus that there was parking for drivers, and several pubs within stumbling distance!



We ordered picnic food from M&S, who do some great bulk assorted picnic goodies for even the most fussy eaters. It was absolutely delicious too! It’s always a good sign when it’s all gone at the end of the night!



We sent out an email prior to the big day asking for drinks preferences. We found most ladies were either Pimms or G&T drinkers with a few asking for Cider, whilst guys were on beer. We ordered in bulk the pre-mixed cans of Pimms and Lemonade, Gin and Tonic and a few other pre-mixed cocktails. We also got a whole bunch of Kopparberg which seemed to go down well with both girls and guys. We threw in a few crates of Becks beers for good measure!



There are some great ideas for lawn games out there – and most of them are really easy and really cheap! But our favourites were Cricket, Rounders and giant Jenga!



We weren’t sure on what the weather would do, so bought two fab gazebo’s from Argos, delivered directly to the office just in time! They took us 2 minutes to put up (and there was very little male input!). Inside the shelter we put trestle tables with food, and 5 giant gorilla tubs filled with ice and drinks. We asked everyone to bring their waterproof picnic blankets so everyone could sit and a few people brought light weight fold up chairs.

We can’t wait for the next team social – York Races, here we come!