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WMG PPC Team Win Google AdWords Partners Adventure Challenge!

We were delighted to learn that we are one of the winners of the Google AdWords Partners Adventure Challenge!

WMG competed with hundreds of other UK agencies who are already Google AdWords Partners, taking part in the challenge to boost sales and revenue from PPC activity. The results were based on new accounts created in the competition timeframe and not old accounts.

This meant we had to work hard at bringing on new clients, proving their ROI within a short timeframe and then increasing budget incrementally, pushing the accounts to perform at their best and keeping CPA’s low.

Why we won

WMG were successful because we brought in some fantastic new clients, and then capitalised on introducing new AdWords features such as YouTube, Display and Remarketing which has been a huge success for clients who had previously never used this element of Google AdWords before.

And because we could quickly prove their ROI, we could optimise and increase spend.

The results? Our clients are happy, Google are happy, and we won an award, so we are very happy…

A successful campaign all round!

Our lucky (and very hard working!) PPC team will be making their way down to London to the Google offices where they will attend an “Inspiration Day” and a black tie dinner, courtesy of Google!

Are you running a PPC campaign? Whether you need another pair of eyes on your campaign, or you’re looking to change agencies, we are Google AdWords Partners with a track record of increasing ROI and client spend through the successful optimisation and product extension of campaigns.

If your PPC campaign could do with a boost, get in touch today.