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Website Migration

Whatever the reason for your website migration project, our experts are well versed at making sure the transition runs without any hiccups.

Ensuring your site migration process is handled properly is key to maintaining your traffic and rankings.

And that’s something that our website migration checklist will deliver.

We have an impressive track record of handling UK and international migrations, having worked on both replatforming projects and website domain migration projects. Got any questions around your site migration? We can help!

Our website migration service follows a four-step approach:

Design Review

With the design and the layout of your webpages becoming increasingly important in SEO, we don’t wait until your new site reaches the staging environment to get involved in your migration project. Our design review audit allows us to feedback to you before your site enters the build phase, ensuring you’re striving for best SEO practices from the get-go.

Pre-Website Migration

Conducting checks and outlining recommendations, we crawl your site, conduct redirect mapping, performance benchmarking and technical auditing, all while following best practice developer guidelines.

During Website Migration

Never one to ease up on our tracking and reporting, we conduct further technical auditing during the website migration.

Search Console recommendations are also taken into account at this stage alongside redirect checks and an XML sitemap submission.

Ongoing Success

Our job doesn’t end when the website migration project has finished. We’ll continue to review your rankings, monitor traffic and conduct index status checks to ensure your SEO performance doesn’t slip.