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Pay Per Click

Taking charge of your PPC account, we do so much more than optimisation

Whether you want to drive traffic, generate leads or increase sales, PPC advertising requires a killer combination of engaging ad copy, targeted keywords, relevant landing pages and a high quality score

A staple component of all paid media strategies, it’s likely PPC marketing is already a firm fixture within your digital toolkit. Through our PPC services, we test, research and analyse, building winning strategies across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (previously known as Bing Ads), Yahoo and Search Partners, as well as Yandex and Baidu for international presence.

Focusing on the user behind the click, we take an audience-first approach to planning and PPC management. As a PPC advertising agency, we apply our expert knowledge of cross-network and cross-device attribution to understand user journeys.

Through our pay per click marketing services, we turn data into information and information into insight. A PPC company home to a team of certified experts, we identify areas for improvement, hypothesise change and run experiments. Our PPC services will help yield maximum ROI from your PPC marketing.

As an award winning PPC agency, we know there are no gains to be had in baffling you with PPC jargon and acronyms. Instead, we’re explicit in our intent and transparent with the result, following a four-stage model that is proven to deliver.

Health Check:

The impact of a fresh pair of eyes may surprise you! Checking general health and search query efficiency, our PPC account audit ensure best practice, identifying focus areas that fuel future actions.

Goal Focus:

Clear objectives are fundamental to success. Our PPC  management services and strategies are engineered to hit your KPIs, applying tighter control to your account. Segmenting campaigns, we split media spend based on your goals, historical performance and competition.

Growth Mode:

Ready to grow your audience? It’s time to think BIGGER – a challenge our PPC specialists thrive upon! Through PPC campaign management, we accelerate growth to reach people you’ve not reached before, leveraging upon a range of search platforms, in-house tools and our extensive multi-sector experience.

Efficiency Gains:

This is the number of times your advert has been clicked in comparison to the number of times it has shown up in searches (impressions). The higher this percentage is the better.

PPC Optimisation

Much more complex than it appears on the surface, PPC success is built up of numerous factors with your quality score having a huge impact on bids and position. Keyword, ad and landing page relevancy, conversions, cost per acquisition (CTA) and click-through rates (CTR) and even user landing page experiences affect PPC performance.