You may have mastered content creation for your industry, but what about your content marketing?

Content is King, but what’s a King without his Queen? To meet your objectives, distribution needs to be equally effective.

Content creates the foundation for every single marketing channel available to your business. As a content marketing agency, we know that to succeed, it’s vital your content builds your industry authority and engages your audience. The more targeted the better. This is not an easy feat, you really need to know your audience, and to think like them to reach them.

With backgrounds as impressive as they are diverse, our talented wordsmiths hold journalistic and advertising experience on behalf of national media and household names. They are, quite simply, expert in writing compelling copy to position your brand, products and solutions.

From SEO optimised E-A-T landing pages, to short and snappy Social messaging and awe-inspiring Paid Ads, our content marketing consultants write to resonate with your audience. Expert in adopting your style, we create effective copy that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Our content marketing services cover Studio too. We have the in-house know-how, tools and techniques to produce Creative Content including infographics, video, animation and supporting imagery, translating your campaigns into memorable, multi-channel assets that drive results.

It Fresh:

Fresh, relevant content is important to your audience, but it’s also fundamental in supporting your SEO campaigns. Putting content at the heart of your digital strategy, we’re able to amplify your content marketing, generate leads, build engagement and increase the visibility and authority of your brand. Keeping your most popular content current, we take an iterative approach to maximise your content investment.

Performance Driven:

Being a content marketing company, we understand that your content needs to generate an ROI for your business. Keeping your campaigns on track, we report on agreed KPIs using onsite analytics, organic links and social metrics to evaluate content amplification, performance and monitor engagement. This enables us to continually refine your campaigns, generating even stronger results.

Behaviours & Personas:

By breaking your audience down into personas, considering their behaviour, awareness and channel preferences, we’re able to devise a long-term, measurable approach to content creation, tone of voice guidelines and content marketing that will meet your business objectives.

Campaign Planning:

Through our content marketing services, your objectives, brand and audience are always at the heart of our processes and we never lose sight of the goal. With our campaign planning processes, we set clear objectives and measurable KPIs which underpin your campaign. By mapping each campaign element back to these objectives, we always ensure contribution towards success.

Undertaking extensive brand analysis, we seek the answers to “What should your brand be talking about?”. Exploring conversion journeys, brand perceptions and using media audits, we discover your greatest content and PR campaign building opportunities.

Our experience of being a content marketing agency means we know creative communication campaigns are nothing without an audience. Our toolkit draws upon a wealth of data sources which tell us what works and what doesn’t for different audiences. Through identifying your potential audience, we consider why they would read, share or talk about your campaign to maximise engagement opportunities.

Combining these three factors together, our content marketing services build measurable campaigns that are relevant to your audience to meet your business objectives.

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