More often than not, users who come through Shopping channels have something specific in mind they want to buy.

Shopping is of both growing importance and prominence for online retailers who want to remain competitive.

With not only a dedicated section on Google, you’ll now regularly see top Shopping results displayed on the main search engine results page, often above PPC ads. Google considers multiple factors before triggering your Shopping ads. Quality, fresh and accurate data ultimately helps the performance of your campaigns, but your website and bids are also important.

Making sure your Google Shopping Ads are successful, we work to our 10-step shopping framework. Creating effective bid strategies that promote your bestselling, high ticket and margin rich products, minimising wasted clicks (and therefore spend) on non-core items. Through continuous testing and analysis, we focus on growing your sales and boosting your return on investment.

A Google Premier Partner, we're able to draw insight from your other paid channels including PPC, Display and Remarketing, to build intelligent, effective and optimised Shopping campaigns that mean the products that you want to be found, get found.

As a data-driven full service digital marketing agency, we also offer feed management and Google Shopping management services that will enable you to take your eCommerce marketing strategy to the next level.

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