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Google Penalty Removal

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to Google penalty removal services.

We’ve removed many Google penalties for brands over the years. Every so often, we still stumble across a business suffering from a drop in rankings due to a manual Google penalty.

Google is on an endless mission to provide users with high-quality, helpful content that answers their search intent. The search engines penalties ensure that sites they deem irrelevant or untrustworthy do not rank in the highest position within the search engine results pages.

Have You Experienced A Google Penalty?

Essentially a restriction placed upon a website to prevent it from ranking highly for certain keywords, or in some extreme cases, ranking at all, a Google Penalty usually occurs due to antiquated SEO strategies being used, and/or those that go against Google’s guidelines.

A notification in Google Search Console is the tell-tale sign of a manual penalty being applied to your website. This often coincides with a notable drop in rankings and organic traffic.

Our Google Penalty Removal Services

Getting a Google penalty can have a pretty concerning impact to the health, conversions and longevity of your business. Our experts are dedicated to helping your website recover if the worst happens, so you can continue to focus on running your business. Our Google manual penalty removal service includes:

  • Forensic Link Audit

    To establish the source of the issue, we conduct an in-depth investigation into your link profile. This audit provides the insight we need to create a custom recovery strategy that will see your website regain rankings.

  • Link Removal

    If we believe poor quality links are impacting your rankings, we work alongside your team to have them removed from third party websites. These efforts are documented as evidence to be submitted as part of a reconsideration request.

  • Google Disavow File

    Making use of Google’s disavow file, we’re able to show the search engine that you no longer want to be associated with any of the poor-quality links or websites that may have been identified in our link audit.

  • Reconsideration Request

    Key to removing a Google penalty is the reconsideration request. Lending our expertise, we work with you to write and file your request with Google to give you the best chance of it being accepted.

  • Ongoing Recovery

    Supporting your business on its road to ranking recovery, we continue working with you to ensure your SEO performane is no longer affected, restoring your rankings and futureproofing your online business against future Google updates.