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Technical SEO Audit

Your site is one of the three pillars of SEO. Its foundations such as the site structure, logical navigation and your meta data help search engines find and map your pages.

More importantly, these factors can have a big impact on your technical SEO performance.

We don’t just focus on search engine rankings, we want to increase your ROI too. As a technical SEO agency, our first port of call is to conduct a website SEO audit exploring your competition, site speed and link profile health to generate quick wins for your SEO performance.

Building Strong Technical SEO Foundations 

SEO analysis is key to optimising your website and ensuring your user experience is up to scratch. Our technical SEO services review 100+ points including:

  • Canonical tags

  • Robots.txt checks

  • Duplicate on-site content

  • Broken links

  • Indexation issues

  • Missing or duplicate meta data

  • 404 errors

  • International targeting

  • XML sitemap checks

Competitor Analysis 

Do you really know who your competition is? Using our in-house, exclusive Competitor Analysis tool, we take stock of where you are versus where you want to be. Conducting SEO analysis in comparison to your leading and direct competitors, we dig for gaps found against key SEO metrics. These form the building blocks of your SEO strategy, identifying what your site needs, in order of priority, to get you ahead of your competitors.

Page Speed Audit

Did you know that 70% of users say site speed impacts their conversion decision? That’s an awful lot of lost customers if your website is running slow. Carrying out a page speed audit using our in-house developed Page Speed Analysis tool, we provide recommendations to boost your site’s speed.

Keyword Optimisation Audit

We all know just how important keywords are to your website’s organic presence. That’s why we offer a keyword optimisation audit, researching phrases with the highest-ranking potential in line with your industry and objectives. Fuelled by this insight, we can optimise your page’s meta data, just like we did for Peter Vardy, for quick win SEO results.

Forensic Link Analysis

A natural, varied and high-quality link profile gives your brand authority and means search engines will be happy to rank your website. Using our proprietary tool, we’re able to see a complete view of your link profile. Analysing the quality of backlinks to your site and providing disavow recommendations to help mitigate any potential issues that could put you at a greater risk of receiving a Google Penalty.