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Digital PR

Put your brand centre stage in front of your target audience, securing coverage and links with high ranking titles.

We build bespoke campaigns for largescale, national businesses to strengthen brand presence and accelerate digital performance.

Experienced in media relations, we’re primed to deliver your campaigns through our ‘little black book’ of contacts across national, regional, consumer and trade media. Working with you to understand your business needs, we tailor our Digital PR services to suit your goals and budget. Our ‘objective first’ approach means we find the hook that will work for you, closely monitoring results and refining campaigns as necessary to ensure targets are met.

Effective PR engages key influencers, drawing attention to your brand to achieve coverage both on and offline. As a Digital PR agency in the UK, we create opportunities to generate high-quality, organic backlinks and brand citations, delivering power to your site.

Most effective when considered as part of the ‘bigger picture’, Digital PR supports your SEOContent MarketingSocial and Outreach activities to achieve business goals. Being a Digital PR company, we combine the expertise of our traditional and digital PR experts, with our talented, audience engaging copywriters and tech-savvy SEO professionals, giving your communications strategy a brand-building boost.

Press Office

A Digital PR agency, we know fast media liaison matters. Whether a reactive or proactive press office approach suits your business best, we focus our efforts on achieving the same outcome: brand awareness, building authority through high-quality links and increasing audience engagement. As a Digital PR agency in the UK, we create opportunities to generate high-quality, organic backlinks and brand citations, delivering power to your site.

Reactive Press Office

Reactive Press Office involves giving the media the content they want, when they want it. Unlike other PR tactics, this approach involves slotting into planned editorial through expert comments, unique stats, tips-based content, imagery or product information in response to a journalist request.

We are masters at responding quickly to the changing media landscape. Using a wealth of tools to find journalist requests, as well as leveraging our own media relationships, we turnaround second to none, relevant and quality responses fast.

Proactive Press Office

Proactive Press Office relies on fast media liaison. Often considered a more traditional form of PR, this approach centres around the creation and distribution of engaging news stories including sales data, acquisitions and partnerships.

Pushing this news out to national, regional and industry-specific outlets, we can drive coverage for your brand across relevant media.

Digital PR Audit

It can be tricky to know how to approach your Digital PR activity. Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to improve your ROI, our Digital PR Audit can help. Designed to provide strategic recommendations based on data rather than opinion, the auditing process considers:

  • Competitor analysis

  • Backlink analysis versus competitors (Domain Authority Band Gap and Link Gap)

  • Media feedback

Powered by these insights we can collate key considerations based on the facts and propose a winning strategy for your Digital PR activity.


It isn’t unusual to see businesses use content marketing and digital PR to strengthen SEO performance. But what is unusual is having these tactics work collaboratively to push your organic visibility to the max.

E-E-A-T content requires investment. Once it has been posted on your site, don’t just let it sit there. Using E-E-A-T PR, we can make your content work harder across a number of channels for maximum benefit.

Combining the skills of our digital PR experts and talented copywriters, we take your E-E-A-T content, adapting it into a concise, linkable piece which can be pushed out to the press. Using already SEO optimised content, you have a higher chance of ranking – potentially more than once!

Strategic PR

Our PR specialists know a thing or two about driving performance in a dynamic media landscape. As part of our Digital PR services, you can get direct access to our experts for bespoke, strategic guidance, training and support on:

  • The what, why and how behind link building and PR

  • Digital PR tactics including how to run a digital press office

  • Audits and insight to inform your Digital PR strategy

  • How to measure the success of your PR activity

Determining your requirements, we tackle your PR challenges head on, sharing with you our years of industry knowledge and strategising to get ahead of competitors. From weekly consultancy calls, face-to-face guidance and full day training workshops, we can be flexible based on your needs.

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are more prevalent than ever. With the ability to impact the perception or habits of their followers through content, they offer unparalleled access to your target audience.

Focusing on Micro Influencers with smaller, but highly relevant audiences, we deliver effective campaigns to improve brand perception, boost sales and increase awareness of your business.