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From increasing brand awareness to bolstering conversions, the power of social media can be transformational to businesses.

The average person has 5 social media accounts and spends 2 hours browsing them every day in the UK.

Your customers are there and so is your business. But are you getting the most out of it?

A strong social strategy contributes towards your marketing objectives no matter how wide-ranging. With paid social advertising, you can tackle brand awareness to raise your profile, earn loyalty to retain customers, and even increase revenue through social channels.

Ideal for facilitating customer engagement and establishing your brand as an authority, social media puts you directly in front of your audience, providing platforms to amplify your content for maximum reach. From new product launches to thought-provoking articles, rewarding loyalty to attracting new customers, social should form a key part of your digital strategy.

Social Content:

From action evoking ad copy, to the journalistic know-how to get your audience hooked, our copywriters are seasoned professionals with experience working across household names and national media outlets, including social.

We devise content pillars to guide your business’ social media content, taking a cross-platform approach to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat. Producing a bespoke monthly social content calendar with a supporting ad plan to achieve optimal reach and audience penetration, our Creative Studio generates brand-building assets to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Social Strategy:

Our social media experts fully immerse themselves into your business, facilitating a series of briefings from brand strategy to trading, PR to social, that accelerate their awareness of your business’ position and challenges.

Reviewing your content across all social channels, we use audience insight, industry and consumer trends to provide an overarching social strategy that builds success across all platforms.

Paid Social:

As ad space within social platforms grows in prominence, so too does the need to ‘Pay to Play’ with the use of Paid Social. The wealth of consented personal data users provide to social networks fuels sophisticated targeting capabilities. Leveraging intelligence shared on user demographics and even individual interests, you can generate custom and ‘lookalike’ audiences. Finding your audience enables you to maximise your budget and conversions by promoting your products and services to those most likely to buy from you.

Proving ROI:

Notoriously difficult to measure, social is just one part of the conversion journey, but the pressure to prove real business impact never ceases. We take your social marketing beyond typical vanity metrics such as likes and followers, able to prove the return so you can be sure of your social investment. We even take this data and fine-tune your social strategy to continually target an improved ROI.

Reputation Management:

Consumer engagement does not come without risk. Satisfaction with your product, service levels and processes are under scrutiny with social channels providing consumers with an instant platform to publicly voice their grievances. Staying in control of your brand online can be a challenge, your business needs to be prepared to deal with crisis and brand reputation issues that may arise to minimise damage to your brand and make sure your profits don’t take a hit. With our media relations experience and tactical approach to customer engagement, you can be sure your brand is well protected.

Social Listening:

Through active social listening, you can understand how your brand is perceived by your audience as well as gather valuable insight into what your target market wants. These insights not only drive your social media strategy but have the potential to shape your brand and business making you more successful.