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The Power of Link Building in Rising Cryptocurrencies

The Power of Link Building in Rising Cryptocurrencies

The anonymous mathematician, Nakamoto, wanted to change the world. No one knew that his white paper on bitcoin would emerge a new alternative to both the financial and technological industries.

After the financial crisis of 2008 – the impacts of which we still live through today – there is a need for more transparent payment methods. Alongside our financial industry, these events both played their part in the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

In this blog, we cover Blockchain technology, the size of cryptocurrencies in the Forex market and SEO analysis of prominent cryptocurrencies. Alongside this, we will discuss the significance of creating an effective digital marketing strategy for your crypto.

Blockchain technology hits the ground running

The year of 2021 was the year of cryptocurrency – we’re talking about a rising market with a capitalisation of $2 trillion in this year alone. The pandemic was a ground-breaking base for this growth, making way for newly accepted technologies.

In 2008, Blockchain was created by researcher Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain is an encrypted technology that stores information and transmits it in a decentralised and secure way. Through Blockchain, bitcoin could be traded with no third party involvement. This network operates through encrypted data computed under highly complex algorithms. While they each have their own language and crypts, the technological concept is the same. For example, in cryptocurrency, bitcoin is different from Ethereum.

Today, huge global challenges such as cybercrimes and the disruption of networks face the use of centralised technology. With all these barriers, the decentralised nature of Blockchain technology could offer an innovative solution that is fast, safe and more transparent for its users.

The size of the 2021 crypto market

Although the market has high volatility risks, cryptocurrencies have taken a strong upward trend in the Forex market during 2021 (Fig.1). Bitcoin’s market value has reached over US $1 trillion this year alone with the length of the global pandemic crisis and its impacts on our micro and macro economies (which have gradually become stagnated) adding to this rise. It’s also worth noting that the sheer level of online users is at an all-time-high with approximately 4.88 billion people worldwide using the internet in October 2021.

Figure 1. Cryptocurrencies price per 1 crypto versus US Dollar, according to the platform CoinMarketCap on 25th November 2021.

Alongside this, some strong traditional currencies were exposed to volatility and inflation due to the large spending of governments during the COVID-19 crisis. Central banks have even taken protocols in issuing competing central bank digital currency (CBDC) to attract more users – a pragmatic step to prevent declining reserves.

To mitigate these impacts, the processes of trading and transferring money through decentralised Blockchain technology is attractive to many. It was recently reported by CoinMarketCap that the total number of mined cryptocurrencies has reached seven thousand crypto types.

Crypto and SEO

To better understand what all this means to SEO in the crypto market, we’ve taken a deep dive to conduct our own in-depth market analysis. Here’s what we found:

Google Trends

The trend levels of crypto were very high across 2021. Bitcoin and new emerging coins are the most popular terms users search (Fig.1) with interest in Bitcoin peaking in late October, while Shiba Inu saw a huge spike in search interest early in October.

Figure 2. Google trends shot is shows search interest for major cryptocurrencies through the past 90 days in 2021.

Link Building

According to data analysed with Majestic based on Keyword Checker per cryptocurrency name and percentages of the keywords found in anchor text or within the title of the topic, the results showed that:

  • The keyword ‘bitcoin’ was found in approximately 78 percent of anchor text.
  • The keyword ‘bitcoin’ was found in approximately 72 percent of titles – this equates to around 54 million uses of the keyword.
  • The keyword ‘ethereum’ was found in approximately nine percent of titles and less in the anchor text (Fig.3).
  • The keyword ‘dogecoin’ was found in approximately 0.9 percent of titles – this equates to around 37K uses of the keyword.
  • Around one percent of the keyword ‘Shiba Inu’ was found within anchor text while two percent was found in titles. This is a relatively large figure for new cryptocurrencies and highlights the high level of interest it’s receiving.
Figure 3. The chart shows percentages of cryptocurrencies per name (InAnchor & InTitle) were found inURLs. The data was plotted in November 2021.

Monthly keyword search volume

Equally important, the average volume of monthly searched keywords for cryptocurrencies reached an all-time high. Most of the searches for Bitcoin – 1.8 million – originate from the US audience, followed by 1 million keyword searches in both Brazil and Germany (Fig.4).

Emerging cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu, demonstrates a significant keyword search increase in Britain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and, as always, is at its highest in the US with 823K.

Figure 4. This chart shows average monthly search volumes for major cryptocurrency keywords per name and region in October 2021.
Figure 4. This chart shows average monthly search volumes for major cryptocurrency keywords per name and region in October 2021.

These figures could reflect a direct relationship between the percentage of links and crypto popularity. The visibility on search engines plays a key role in this and even SEMrush reported a direct correlation between cryptocurrency price and searched keywords – something our analysis reinforces.

From our analysis we can also conclude that the higher the cryptocurrency link building coverage, the better the search visibility and the greater the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

Crypto and your digital marketing strategy  

The cycle of a cryptocurrency usually passes through a number of phases including:

  • Emergence
  • Momentum
  • Volatility

A cryptocurrency often receives the most attention from traders and investors during the momentum stage. Therefore, if crypto miners and Forex brokers want to reach the start-up phase and bring new competition to the market, there’s an essential need for a smart and active digital marketing strategy.

The aim of targeted outreach combined with relevant and impactful content is one of the most powerful methods to raise organic visibility across search engines. If you want to find out more, we have experts in the field who can help you create and implement a high-performing digital marketing strategy just like we did for Forex market leader, Tickmill. Get in touch to talk more.