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Audi’s Super Bowl Success

Each year the Super Bowl doesn’t just mark two great teams clashing on the pitch, but 100s of huge brands fighting it out to claim the content marketing campaign of the match – last year was Oreo’s turn, but this year it’s Audi who stole the show.

When you think about Audi’s advertising, the traditional “Vorsprung durch Technik” TV ad springs to mind with sleek, silver cars twisting through a mountainous backdrop. But if you watched the Super Bowl the other weekend then the chances are you’ll have seen Audi re-invent smart phone marketing on the frontiers of the biggest advertising opportunity in the calendar.

Audi’s Snapchat marketing, besides being one of the most daring and innovative campaigns this year, secured:

  • 37 million impressions
  • 2,400 tweets
  • 10,000 snapchat followers
  • 9,000 Facebook likes

So How Does it Work?

The key to content marketing is to remember that it’s an ART, and it was an understanding of these three little letters and the content marketing formula that got Audi to the top:

Audience – the  bigger the audience, the bigger the size of the opportunity and Audi picked the largest guaranteed audience of the year. But that’s not all that matters, you need to find and tap into your target audience – and through the median of the smart phone Audi found its wealthy potential customer base.

Relevancy – Content Marketing is all about playing the long game – providing potential customers with useful, engaging content, not bombarding them with product and the hard sell. Unlike rival brands that used big budgets to try and sell their products Audi made sure that above anything their snaps were relevant to the game. Through subverting the traditional “ad” and replacing it with something relevant Audi showed confidence in their content and made themselves a more likeable, interesting brand.

Technology – While the rest of the big brands were scrambling over each other to recreate Oreo’s blackout Twitter moment, Audi used its technology prowess to find another way in. Audi embraced the new(ish) Snapchat platform on a scale that it never had been before. The car giant’s witty, on-topic, simple snaps found a way straight through to their audience’s private sphere and created a positive buzz around the brand. And as any  good multichannel campaign should, Audi used social to back-up their work, promoting their Snapchat campaign through Twitter and Facebook.

This is an fantastic example of how new technologies combined with great content, can be incredibly powerful, and as Audi did, rather then trying to replicate this campaign we should all try and find new, interesting ways to engage with our customers.

Long Live Content Marketing!!