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Why WMG? A Chat with SEO Account Director: Andy Turner

Before joining a new role, it’s handy to know the ins and outs of the team you’ll be working with. SEO Account Director, Andy Turner, has been with us for over a decade. Chatting with him, he shared insight into life in the WMG SEO team, why now is such an exciting time to join us and why he has stuck around for so long.

How long have you been working for WMG and what has made you stick around?

I’ve been here for about 13 years. When I started, the SEO team had one, maybe two people in it and this has grown to over 30 in the SEO team now. I want to stick around to see that growth and where it’s going.  

I also really like the people that work across the team, and I’ve made some really good friends over the years. And although we do have ambitious targets and a lot of work to get through, I’ve never found it an overly serious work environment. You do your work, but you can also have a laugh. Sometimes, I even have a little game of table tennis every now and then when we’re in the office.  

What has changed at WMG over the last 13 years?  

Over that length of time, I’ve seen how the SEO team has grown from basically nothing to being one of the biggest in the UK. And I like being a part of that, something that has grown significantly and continues to grow. I’d like to think that I’ve been a part of it in some way which is also a nice feeling.  

With the overall growth in the SEO team comes a shift in the kinds of clients we work with. 10 plus years ago, we were working more with smaller businesses and SMEs but now, we work with multiple huge international brands which is very exciting. 

We’ve also had the chance to create processes from the start which makes it easier for new staff as well. For example, we have our own R&D team which a lot of agencies don’t have. That’s a great aspect because they’re always thinking of ways that we can either streamline what we do or automate stuff that we don’t need to be doing on a daily basis, which allows us to be more client-focused.  

Tell us more about the team?  

We like to call my pod Team Turner. My team has a mix of technical account managers, technical executives and technical analysts so we have a great blend of people at different stages in their careers. They’re all super nice, super friendly, super helpful and super talented and they all want to progress. I think that’s one thing WMG is really good at - showing a clear line of progression for new starters.   

The whole of the SEO team is really supportive. If anyone has a question, people are jumping in from the other pods to help. If you like the thought of working in a growing agency with great people, great progression opportunities and working with clients in interesting spaces, then WMG is the company for you.  

Is there a one size fits all approach to development or is it tailored to each individual and their interests? What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of applying to a role at WMG? Is there a one size fits all approach to development or is it tailored to each individual and their interests?

My advice would be to learn as much as possible in your current role because the SEO industry is changing all the time. Do your research and make sure you’re on top of everything that’s happening. And always keep the client’s aims and objectives as the core focus of everything you do from an SEO perspective.  

It’s quite easy to get lost in all the different SEO metrics and KPIs, but you always have to bring it back to what the client is aiming to achieve, be it ROI, increased engagement, greater visibility. And you have to be able to communicate to the client how the work you’re doing is contributing to meeting those objectives. 

In an SEO account management role, a lot of it is communication. So, if you’re someone who is good at communicating with people, that’s a really good place to start. A lot of the technical SEO skills can be learned, but it’s often harder to learn those soft skills that help you to communicate effectively with clients.

Why would you join WMG today? 

I would join because I want to join a company that I feel is going places in an industry that’s growing.  

To be part of an industry that is growing is something that’s really enticing. Even better, to be part of a growing industry that is part of a company that actively encourages career progression and especially career progression internally. For example, when we recruit, we bring people on at junior level and bring them up through the ranks. If you like to work hard and want to progress, you will progress as quickly as you want to here.  


This is an exciting time to join WMG. As more and more businesses move online and the market is growing exponentially, we continue to flourish, and we’re dedicated to helping your career grow. If you’re interested in working in our SEO team or have any other questions surrounding recruitment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.