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Sector: Retail
Client: Skate Hut

Increasing Rankings,
Traffic & Revenue

Working with Skate Hut since 2009,they always held aspirations to be number one in their industry – today this aspiration is a reality!

What did we do?

We have built up the Skate Hut site over the years. As the client increases their portfolio of product we have continually influenced the growth of the website architecture and structure.

  • Planned, wrote and optimized onsite content and meta data.
  • Created an authoritative, organic link profile to attract target audience, build domain authority and create a brand buzz.

The client chose to leave an historic manual penalty on the http site, as it had no effect on rankings and site growth. This was triggered by a move to https. We quickly resolved issues and removed the penalty.

The Objective

The KPIs have always been to increase rankings, traffic and revenue across what is now a wide range of products.