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Sector: Construction
Client: Burton Roofing

Two-pronged PR approach surpasses link objectives, resulting in a substantial increase to DA

Renowned construction supplier, Burton Roofingspecialise in distributing roofing materials across the globe. They had a clear goal  increase domain authority and build brand awareness. Selecting WMG to support them in achieving this, we used a two-pronged approach to craft an imaginative PR campaign strategy that would improve SEO and accelerate their digital performance.

What did we do?

Burton Roofing’s primary target audience is B2B, but we recognised that to achieve authoritative links that would boost domain authority, we needed to attract their secondary, B2C and mass-market audienceCreating a social buzz that boosted brand awareness, PR worthy content was the crux to building an effective campaign. Deciding that a niche ‘roofing’ topic would limit link acquisitionwe cast our ideas net wider, coming up with two stand-out ‘home’ ideas which supported mass market appeal to reach a broad consumer audience, while maintaining solid DIY links. Wfelt confident the campaigns would gain national coverage, acquiring impressive, high-quality links. 

Campaign One: Top 10 DIY Disasters  
An incentivised Facebook competition encouraged followers to submit their DIY disasters over two weeks for a chance to win £300 in high street vouchers. Narrowing down the top 10 entries, we backed the campaign up with further desk research, unearthing the number one cause of DIY disasters and finding the perfect PR hook: ‘NHS annual spend on DIY accidents’. This was ideal to be supported by an engaging asset that featured the top 10 entries. 

Campaign Two: Show Homes  
Picking famous homes from popular TV shows and films, the angle Show Homes was a play on words which linked mass housing with pop culture trends. Capitalising upon the highly anticipated launch of Stranger Things 3 amongst other instantaneously recognisable homes from shows, we researched the size and location to determine their estimated market value from similar properties for sale or recently sold. Writing a blog which included a CAD floorplan of each home, we targeted bloggers and reputable media outlets alongside trend-based publications for maximum PR exposure to acquire links from authoritative sources. 

The Objective

  • Increase domain authority from 34

  • Implement link building activities to achieve 18 links

  • Increase brand awareness through high-quality coverage 


“We have consistently been using WMG for our offline PR and SEO elements since January 2019. Since then, we have seen a dramatic increase in our organic visibility! The ‘Hidden Bat’ campaign was one of the campaigns that performed really well, with an overall 1,052 results. The campaign has been featured in the Daily Mail (DA 94), MSN (DA 95), Business Insider (DA 93), Huffington Post (DA 91), Mental Floss (DA 89) and many more. WMG partner with some of the biggest names in PR, which is a key factor in getting our brand out there and expanding our reach. We have had a very pleasant working relationship with James and Beth from WMG and are pleased with how easy they are to conduct business with. Their professionalism was second to none, and because of this, we know that WMG are going to be an integral part of our 2020!”

Michael Reddington, Head of E-Commerce, Burton Roofing