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Sector: Retail
Client: Quiz

Identifying keyword opportunities to help QUIZ succeed in a declining market

Women’s fashion brand QUIZ has hundreds of stores across the world. As the female-fashion landscape becomes more competitive than ever, QUIZ found themselves battling a decline in market demand. They came to us looking to increase their organic presence and put a plan in place to counteract the downward market trends.

What did we do?

With fierce competition in the sector, our strategy needed to utilise the three pillars of SEO to succeed. Focusing on outreach, content and technical optimisation, we worked with QUIZ to focus on key areas that would support their goals. Identifying the need to find additional opportunities to help generate traffic in areas where demand was declining, our team needed to think outside of the box.

Keyword research was the most important piece in the puzzle to find new opportunities. Striking a balance between popular keywords and gaps in the market that we could harness to drive traffic was the name of the game. We took a deep dive into sub-categories for certain phrases, such as colour variants, to find out search volumes for relevant keywords. We then ran an in-depth competitor analysis to uncover which phrases and keywords their main competitors were using. Armed with this information, we indexed and optimised the specific pages of these sub-categories with the highest search volume, creating brand-new optimised content and metadata.

Alongside our technical optimisation, we used our digital PR expertise to support QUIZ’s online authority. Working with our PR team, we produced a number of newsworthy articles and visual assets that would boost brand awareness and help to build a strong backlink profile for QUIZ.

The Objective

  • Increase organic presence online

  • Improve their authority online

  • Find gaps in the market to improve their rankings


“While working with WMG we’ve seen some tremendous results across our organic traffic and rankings, despite a challenging market. It’s been wonderful working with a team that really understands our business and wants us to succeed as much as our own team does. We look forward to developing our professional relationship and to more success down the road.”

Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce