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Sector: Auto motor
Client: Just Tyres

Utilising PPC and SEO to increase conversions and support a successful site migration

Independent tyre supplier, Just Tyres, were looking to increase their online sales while also utilising their presence to drive footfall to their stores. They wanted to work with an experienced agency that could help propel their goals, boost their online sales and support their website through a migration.

What did we do?

To achieve Just Tyres’ objectives, a two-pronged approach was needed. Leaning on our expertise in both PPC and SEO, we worked in collaboration with Just Tyres’ in-house team to help bring their paid media efforts to the top and also work on their site’s overall performance.

Running across three different channels – Google, Bing and Facebook – our strategy saw us running Search, Shopping and Display campaigns ensuring we captured the attention of users at all levels of the funnel, increasing overall traffic to the site. Given the industry that Just Tyres sits in, we found varying levels of demand, meaning we constantly reviewed opportunities to push performance and expand the account to capture more traffic.

Recently, we have migrated the previous Smart Shopping campaign over to Performance Max. Since launch we’ve been able to capture a good volume of traffic and have seen very strong results to date – hitting a ROAS of 8.6 which is helping boost the overall account average. The nature of this campaign type, combining several different Google channels, from Display and YouTube to Shopping ads, will enable us to expand our visibility and drive increased sales.

Using a slightly different tactic for our organic and paid social, we were able to harness the nature of the platform and advertising, allowing us to get more creative. Running various competitions, prize draws and offers on Facebook, users were able to interact on a more personalised level with Just Tyres and increase overall engagement. Working closely with Just Tyres, we were able to promote any upcoming sales across both PPC and Paid Social, with strong increases in CTR and CvR when these were running.

With a new site due to launch, putting the work in now is vital in ensuring that when Just Tyres launch, they don’t see any dip in performance. Working in the background, we have been putting the foundations in place to make sure the new site is completed successfully and the impact to organic performance is minimal. With Just Tyres currently enjoying several key ranking positions, a smooth migration is necessary to maintain this position.

Meanwhile, our SEO whizzes have developed Just Tyres an SEO strategy for their current site, making improvements from both a technical and backlink perspective, driving the site’s overall domain authority. With the new site due to launch soon, a content plan will be formed following the successful migration, helping Just Tyres go live with a site set to succeed.

The Objective

  • Increase sales

  • Work towards ROAs of 7 or higher

  • Increase rankings

  • Increase traffic

  • Drive store footfall


“Working with WMG has been a great experience, the team are knowledgeable and forward thinking and are always on hand to help. WMG are delivering results for us that we have not seen previously and we continue to look forward to the team driving additional website growth and in store footfall.”

Tina Newman, Just Tyres Head of eCommerce