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Sector: Finance
Client: Nucleus Commercial Finance

148% increase in ranking phrases thanks to E-E-A-T content and outreach combo

Founded in 2011, Nucleus was born with the mission to provide UK SMEs with alternative funding options from £3k to £50M. Fast forward to today, their team of specialist consultants offer a wealth of experience in business finance and banking through a range of funding services. Our technical specialists were brought on just four months ago to give Nucleus’ organic presence a boost through a combination of SEO, E-E-A-T content and outreach.

What did we do?

To underpin their organic growth, we needed a solid SEO foundation. Operating in a Your Money Your Life (YMYL) industry, we instantly recognised that quality content highlighting their expertise, authority and trustworthiness was a necessity.

Starting with extensive keyword research and analysis, we identified phrases with the highest-ranking potential for Nucleus, ensuring their onsite content was in the best condition possible to rank highly on search engines. Charged by our data-driven insight alongside Google’s Search Evaluator Guidelines, our content experts crafted SEO optimised content that would both answer search intent and boost their organic visibility.

E-E-A-T landing pages have been written for six core commercial pages with natural links and keywords included throughout to increase Nucleus’ industry authority. FAQ schema mark-up was also used within their content, giving the client more real estate in the SERPs than a standard organic listing. Using our exclusive in-house optimisation tools, we improved Nucleus’ onsite content and metadata, maximising their website’s ranking potential. Taking this approach ensures the volume and depth of content, the writer’s authority and the reputation signals are considered by Google to return the most relevant search results to the user.

Pushing power to the new E-E-A-T landing pages, we undertook targeted outreach to boost traffic and rankings. Building links across industry-relevant blogs and news outlets with high DAs, it was our aim to increase site authority while maintaining control over links.

The Objective

  • Increase organic traffic

  • Increase organic ranking

  • Increase site authority 


“Since partnering with WMG our organic search rankings have increased immeasurably. In such a short space of time we have been surprised to see such positive growth. The depth of knowledge of the team at WMG has impressed us, as well as their attention to detail. The reports we get on a regular basis are thorough and extremely detailed. Moreover their planning and execution of work has been excellent.

All of the above has not only helped from a rankings perspective, but it has also now started to translate into new business which is further proof of their positive impact on our business. Easily the best decision we made to partner with WMG.”

Farhan Daudi, Marketing Director, Nucleus Commercial Finance