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Sector: Retail, B2B
Client: Anglia Tool Centre

Dramatically increasing revenue through a multi-channel paid strategy

Anglia Tool Centre are one of the largest Power Tool suppliers in the UK, with their website being the main business generation outlet. Operating in a highly competitive market which sees narrow margins, ensuring digital performance translates into real business success is often an unmet challenge – but something we’ve achieved for Anglia.

What did we do:

  • Google Search, Display and Shopping channels were used to restructure Anglia’s paid campaigns, designed to capture all parts of their buying funnel.
  • Using a Custom Label strategy, campaigns were split for tighter control, with Ad Groups considering brands, products and SKUs based on profit margin and revenue to maximise performance and subsequently increase Net Profit. This ensured media spend could be efficiently pushed into areas which generated the best results.
  • A tiered, cross device approach was applied to Anglia’s Google Shopping campaigns, providing a structure that allowed bid aggression to be tailored in line with a customer’s search intent, ultimately maximising conversions.
  • Our innovative and analytical approach has been recognised at Board level by Anglia for our outstanding contribution to their bottom-line.

The objectives:

  • Generate incremental revenue across product range
  • Directly contribute to increase in Net Profit
  • Increase PPC ROI YOY
  • Identify and begin recommending on fixes for the sites technical issues
  • Maintain a £15 or lower CPA