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World Relaxation Day


Aaaaaaaaaand relax. Today is world relaxation day (hoorah!). A day to unwind and take it easy and a reminder that amongst all the craziness of everyday life, it’s important to take time out and relax.

Working to tight deadlines, preparing for meetings and increasing responsibilities, it’s no surprise that globally, many of us struggle to achieve that perfect work/life balance. However, here at IDHL Group, whilst we may be digitally focused and do spend a lot of time glued to our computer screens, we also strive to help our employees work in a relaxed environment. There are plenty of ways to de-stress and unwind in our office:

Office Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to release stress and tension from the body and mind, which is why we have a weekly yoga class to help our busy worker bees unwind each week. It’s proving to be a popular choice for our employees during their lunchbreak and helps ensure a refreshed, relaxed and tranquil mind and body, ready for the afternoon.

Social Events

Regular office days out are a fantastic way to take a break from our desks. Whether it’s a day at the races, attempting to escape a locked room or an outdoor summer party, not only do they help us unwind but they are great for team bonding and spirit.

Mini Office Gym

Let’s face it, being sat at an office chair all day can’t be doing our mind and bodies the world of good. However, equipped with an office treadmill and exercise bike, we are able to cycle our stresses away and release all that bodily tension (whilst also preventing those aches, pains and cramps sitting down all day can cause)!


Our retro video games provide a great space to unwind for our game lovers tucked away in our lunch corner just next to our relaxing sandpit.


Creative Room/Egg Chair

Undoubtedly the comfiest space in the office is the creative room. Vibrant colours and comfy chairs mean we can have team meetings in a relaxed environment. Our funky egg chairs also mean you can block out the noise and work in your own little cocoon, if you feel like it.

So, a final reminder to always take a moment out from your hectic schedule, put your feet up and chill out!

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