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WMG’s PPC team has been shortlisted for the Search Innovation Award, available only for Google Premier Partners.

Google Premier Partners awards recognise Google’s top-performing Premier Partners and their excellence in digital marketing, innovation and client growth.

The Search Innovation award is used to demonstrate WMG’s expertise and innovation with Google search ads.

To be considered for this, we have had to meet the criteria below;

  • Premier Google Partner status.
  • Search Advertising Specialization in Google Partners.
  • Submit a series of short essays to tell us more about your company. You’ll need to elaborate on how each of the five areas below contributes to or support your success in Search Advertising.
    • Why your business deserves this award
    • Your company’s culture
    • Your company’s innovation
    • Your business’s technology
    • Your company’s people
  • Share a client case study to demonstrate your work in Search Advertising in action.
  • Complete a full application, including answering additional questions about your client’s campaign.

“Our PPC team has been growing our clients’ performance continuously, using Google’s advertising toolkit in innovative ways to deliver tangible results,” said Richard Ellis, Director of Paid Media at WMG. “We look forward to more awards and nominations showcasing our expertise in multiple industries.”

Winners will be announced on September 7th. 2017.

For examples of our PPC case studies visit