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WMG Secures Top Agency Award in Google Initiative

Leading digital marketing agency, WMG, has placed first in Google’s recent UK Grow Local Initiative, securing the top digital agency award. WMG – with its HQ in Harrogate and offices in Leeds and London – beat 100s of agencies in the Google initiative to inform businesses about pay-per-click advertising techniques and how they can be used to build online brand, presence and sell-through.

The Grow Local initiative, launched in October 2014, is part of the Google Partners scheme designed to support and recognize trusted online marketing agencies as they steer companies through the minefield of online discoverability and customer engagement.

“Driving new business growth is the beating heart of commercial success, not only generating revenue, but also pushing innovation and innervating the jobs market,” says Richard Ellis, Head of Digital Strategy, WMG. “We’re delighted to be able to help businesses of all sizes thrive by implementing effective online advertising strategies for them. Placing first in this Google initiative clearly underlines our commitment to helping UK business bloom.”

WMG’s Harrogate office was transformed last week, when Google arrived with a big thank you and a cavalcade of themed items, everything from grass laid down in the office, wooden crates full of organic fruit and vegetables, bean bag chairs, coconut milk straight from the coconut, fruit drinks, cacti and even staff massages. WMG employees also entered the virtual world with Google Cardboard, the recently-launched virtual reality headset created using foldable cardboard, a few magnets, lenses and a mobile phone to provide an Oculus Rift virtual world experience.

“This is the first time Google has run such a big event at a partner’s agency. We know it’s not always easy for agencies to come to Google’s offices, so this time we wanted to bring a little bit of us to WMG,” says Jennifer Fong, Google Partners UKI.

“In business, the internet can be the great leveler and here at WMG we allow companies to tap into that. You could be the world’s greatest singer, but if you’re singing in your garage with the door closed, then you won’t be going anywhere,” says Andy C Watson, Head of Group Marketing at WMG. “When it comes to discoverability online, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we make sure our clients’ websites are singing centre stage.”