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WMG Explores Theatre


Theatre in the United Kingdom and across the world is loved by many and, at this present time, theatre goers will be attending the famous yearly Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Standing as the world’s largest arts theatre festival, theatre companies and individual performers split up performing into a variety of categories such as theatre, dance, comedy, cabaret and physical theatre, plus several other sections too.

Theatre is very special to the British people and others who have also grown up with theatre as a part of their culture. Theatre allows performers and audiences to come together and find a natural way of expressing their thoughts and emotions in an educational setting and those experiences shared in theatre are often unpredictable. Theatre should be free, improvised and imaginative and some of the team at WMG Agency know this, having come from a theatrical background.

WMG Have Talent

Andre, part of the Creative Comms team, once interviewed famous British theatre practitioner Mike Alfreds, known well for his book ‘Different Every Night: Freeing The Actor’. Mike Alfreds spoke to Andre about the culmination of a lifetime of work in theatre and once commented saying that the job is about ‘skills’ with a lot of the work being impulsive and based on instinct, what feels right, but also what is appropriate in the moment. Alfreds has a huge library full of plays dating back to his initial days as an actor and teacher in theatre. His desire and interest in literacy left Andre feeling overwhelmed, but in a positive way.
Theatre is easily attainable and it should be open and accessible to people from all walks of life. As the ‘Fringe’ enters the middle of the performing calendar month, we look to some of our local theatres in Harrogate and we think there is one classic play you’ll love. The renowned novel known to all as ‘The Famous Five’ by Enid Blyton, which was first published in 1942, is available to see now. This famous series of adventure novels appeals to both children and adults, young and old, keeping theatre accessible for all generations.

Explore Theatre

We want you to explore the question,“What kind of theatre makes you tick?” Do you have a novel you have longed to see in production? At our local Harrogate Theatre, you can book to see The Famous Five and as the ‘International Read a Book Day’ approaches on September 6th, what better day to inspire yourself into a visually engaging performance of The Famous Five? We hope you explore theatre and feel inspired by this post.

Writers Notes

Mike Alfreds sat in front of me and asked me that same question, what theatre makes you tick? This question is one that has always stayed with me. Whether a play based on a novel, or a performance completely improvised from scratch, the interview I held with Mike taught me to be open minded when seeing a production in the theatre. I have applied the advice he gave to me to everyday life and a quote we both discussed in regards to theatre was,

”Unless theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it.”

– Constantin Stanislavski.