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WMG – Bake Off Day 2017 is Back!

After last year’s successful round of amazing baked treats, our WMG Bake Off Day returns to delight everyone, whilst helping to raise money for our favourite charities.

Organised by Riccardo Parrinello, our PPC Executive, the WMG Bake Off Day is a fun competition, with a simple premise.

Once a month, our nominated group brings in their cakes and biscuits for everyone to buy and taste.

The baked goods can be sweet or savoury, depending on our peers’ baking skills!

The office votes for their favourite bake and then the winner of the Bake Off Day chooses their preferred charity. Our company donates money to the charity, along with the money that has been collected on the day.

This year, the winner will be crowned as “WMG Master Chef 2017”.

This month’s participants were:

ANDREW GWILLIAM – Carrot Cake Cupcakes following the Easter forthcoming

ALEX GREGORY – Good things come to those who wait for Guinness Cake!

ALANA CANNON – Chocolate Flapjack

ANGELA HUTCHINSON – Cheese, onion and potato pasties

ALEXA COBBOLD – Cookies and Cream Cake (with a fantastic design!)

Good luck to all our bakers in this first round!