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WMG and Ingenuity Digital PPC Team Qualifies as Bing Select Partner

What is the Bing Partner program?

The Bing Partner Program is a relationship between Bing Ads and the most qualified agencies, SMB partners, and technology partners in the industry.

As an organisation (WMG and Ingenuity Digital), we have qualified for the program by providing high-quality service, technology and online marketing expertise to our clients.

By being part of the program, Bing Ads will provide additional support, service and solutions to us over and above other agencies.

How we achieved Bing Partner status?

  • Maintaining a current level of aggregate Bing network spend on Bing with our clients.
  • 100% Bing Ads Accredited Professionals (BAAP) throughout our Paid Search team (80% required).

Benefits of being in the program


As a top partner, we receive recognition by displaying the Bing Partner Program badge. Promotion of the company in the Bing Partner Directory.
Collaboration on four Bing Social posts per year.


Free training and invites to local Bing events to help us achieve greater business results.


Receive technical support and access to the latest Microsoft and Bing technology to ensure clients’ success in Bing Advertising.


Bing Elite and Select partners receive additional benefits, including: access to exclusive partner events and in-person training, deeper engagements with our engineering teams, targeted insights, and co-