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Welcome, Wilf!

We’re welcoming our newest developer to our team, Wilf! He’s also our resident explorer. Wilf is here to take care of our many bespoke systems and infrastructure which support WMG. We’re delighted to welcome Wilf on board!

Your name is Ian, but everyone calls you Wilf – is there a story behind the nickname?

I’ve been called Wilf since I was a baby and I’ve no idea why.

I hear you’ve been hit by the travel bug… tell me about where you’ve been?

Over the years I’ve travelled a lot, in fact I’ve been to so many places I can hardly remember them all. I love anywhere weird and wacky, places like China, India and Japan. The Japanese are bonkers!

Where was your favourite place?

There are so many places, but if I had to choose I’d say Lhasa in Tibet or anywhere in the Himalayas.

Where was your least favourite place?

I don’t really do beaches.

Do you think you’ve got the wanderlust out of your system?

I’ve settled down now; back in Yorkshire and will be definitely staying this time as I now have a puppy, Vinnie. He’s a border terrier and I love him to bits.

What are you other hobbies?

I drag-race Lambretta scooters! (In fact I hold the record for the UK’s fastest scooter at 119mph). I’m into motorbikes and engines and have far too many in my garage, most of them in bits. I also enjoy going for walks in the countryside with Vinnie.

What do you do here at wmg?

I am a software developer. I build and look after the internal systems.

What languages do you code in?

C#,, JavaScript to name just a few, sometimes it gets confusing.

Can you give away any of your development secrets?

I don’t think there are any secrets. To be a good developer I think you have to be naturally curious about how things work and a little bit weird.

If dev was over tomorrow, what would you do?

Something easier! A postman maybe or a dog walker, I love dogs so I reckon I’d be good at either.

What are the best tools you use in your day-to-day job?

As a developer I use lots of cool tools, I use Visual Studio a lot and Firebug is good for debugging web pages, but if all else fails you can always rely on Windows Notepad.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Getting up in a morning.

What’s your favourite quote?

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” – Mark Twain