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Welcome, Seetal Kaur Gahir

Meet Seetal: blogger, dancer, and traveller. Oh, and our newest Content Writer! She recently graduated in Linguistics with a first class honours (go, Seetal!) and has some amazing life experiences to bring to her new role. Read on…

What’s your favourite hobby?

Probably dancing. No, definitely dancing. I admire all kinds of dance but have been training in Indian classical dance forms for the past ten years. Apart from continuing to learn and be involved in performances and projects, I also love teaching and give regular workshops to spread the art form.

What got you into content writing?

I’ve always loved journalism and got into writing performance reviews while at uni. Then I started up a lifestyle and culture blog with my friend and the rest is history!

Who is your favourite author/blogger/writer and why?

That’s a really hard question but Arundhati Roy is an incredible writer/author and definitely up there in my top 5. She’s most famous for her book ‘The God of Small Things’ but I never really got into it. Instead, I credit her views on social activism and love the kind, strong and poignant voice in which she writes her essays. I like funny bloggers so essiebutton, browngirlbloggin or Iman Qureshi are great bloggers that I follow.

What are your predictions for the biggest industry changes in 2014?

More and more bloggers being taken more seriously and becoming business-savvy. I’m not sure how the industry will respond to the release of new technologies but my impression is that it will continue to grow rapidly with the internet being so accessible and integral to people’s everyday lives.

What do you do here at WMG?

I write optimised content for the on-site and off-site marketing of clients’ products and services. This involves gauging the tone of voice and appropriate subject matter while keeping the writing engaging within an efficient time-scale.

What is the secret to combating writer’s block?

A good cup of tea.

If content was over tomorrow, what would you do?

Keep on writing while training in dance and maybe squeezing in travelling the world.

What are your most used iPhone/Android apps?

VSCO Cam, Instagram, The Whole Pantry and Facetime.

What are the best tools you use in your day-to-day job?

Google (what a surprise) and that bubbly hot water tap in the kitchen.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Probably getting a First class honours in my degree, but I’m also really proud of myself for travelling alone abroad and carrying on dance even though I might suck at it.

So you love to travel?

Yeh! I’ve been to India every year in the past four years to different places including Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Chennai and Gujarat. But in 2012 I travelled truly alone to Kathmandu, Nepal where I volunteered at a Buddhist monastery and taught English to boy monks for two weeks. It was an awesome experience and the culture is so close to India and yet so different. Thankfully a lot of people’s Hindi was as scratchy as mine so I didn’t get ripped-off with foreigner rates but instead I’d never felt more Indian in my whole life.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Stronger to reveal more peace, patient to reveal more love, humble to reveal more power, make me stronger.” – Georgia Anne Muldrow