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Tips for securing the right digital marketing role for you

Demand for digital is booming with many more job choices available to you than ever before.

So, how do you ensure your next job move is the right one to make?

With the demand for digital booming, we’re in a rapidly changing job market that brings with it a wealth of opportunities. Yes, it’s exciting, but all that choice can be pretty overwhelming too.

Recruiting over 80 people into our agency just this year alone and with numerous vacancies available due to growth, we have a lot of experience helping candidates fulfil their ambitions and matching opportunities to a person’s ideals.

Taking this know-how, we want to share tips that will help you secure the right digital marketing agency role for you…

Common reasons people look to change jobs

  1. They want to join a business with great career development opportunities
  2. They’d like to move from client-side to an agency
  3. They’re interested in the opportunities a bigger agency could offer
  4. They’re looking to join a business whose culture is more aligned to theirs
  5. They want to be part of a business that’s really going somewhere
    1. They are looking for greater flexibility between home and office working

    Before you start your job hunt

    First things first, understand your motivations for changing jobs. To help you do this, try these exercises:

    • Write a list of all the things that you really enjoy in your current role to help you look for these things in a new role – this could include the culture, client variety or even location

    • Write a list of what you feel your current role is lacking – perhaps you want more time to focus on your development, a clearer progression path or greater flexibility in your work environment?

    • Be clear on and outline your “non-negotiables” – whether that’s the work environment or the culture, stay strong from the start on what is a “no-go” for you

    • Consider the benefits that will really make a difference to you – we recommend looking at these from three perspective: your financial health, your mental health and your physical health

    Weighing up the opportunity

    Faced with a choice, to really weigh up your options and to do this you need to ask questions – lots of them. But what should you be asking? Here are some key questions to set you on the right track:

    • What will an average day look like?

    • What are the long-term career prospects?

    • How would you interact or engage with other members of your team?

    • Can you talk to a person who’s currently in the same role to discuss it?

    • Can you talk to a peer to discuss the training they have received?

    • Will you be able to share ideas and what forums are there to collaborate?

    • Can you meet who will be your line manager and mentors?

    • What will be the plan for your first 90 days if you join?

    • How will your performance be measured and how will this change over time?

    • What type of clients do they have, how big are they, how do they select them, what industries are they active in?

    • Are you advertising for this role due to someone leaving or due to growth?

    • What is the average length of service in the agency and/or the team?

    Before you accept the role

    You think you’ve found ‘the one’, but how can you be sure? Before getting swept up in the moment, stop, reflect and consider…

    • Do you feel excited about working with that team, what were the people like who you met?

    • How has the recruitment process been, has it run smoothly?

    • How do you feel about what you know of their onboarding processes for new starters?

    • Could you see yourself working in that company for the long term, or is this just a “quick fix”?

    • Do your due diligence – take a look at the company’s financials, are they secure? What about staff turnover?

    • Remember, there will likely be some level of compromise – no employer can offer a perfect solution to suit everyone

    • Trust your gut – ultimately, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is…

    Are you currently looking for your next role? Whatever your reason may be for looking to change jobs, we can help. With a variety of digital roles available across various departments including SEO, paid, content, outreach, digital PR and more, there could be something just right waiting for you at WMG.

    If you’re not sure of your next step, get in touch for a chat or check out our available digital roles.

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