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Time-Savers for Writing Content You’re too Busy to Write

As well you all know, writing good quality content can be incredibly time consuming, and this is especially true if you want it to be done to a very high standard. Sometimes, finding this time feels as though it is impossible, but there are tools and apps around to help. From idea creation to distribution to monitoring, there is an app to help you along the way. Here, we take a look at the best:



Feedly is great for discovering the hottest trends and the latest news in an instant, making it significantly easier to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry. Due to this, it is the perfect timesaver, as it can help you come up with a suitable topic in a matter of seconds.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keywords Planner

If Feedly isn’t enough, then use Google’s Keyword Planner, too. This will tell you not only the popularity of a given topic, but also the likely level of traffic it could receive. Using both side by side is the best choice… time permitting.

Simple Booklet


Simple Booklet is a great tool if you want to quickly convert your content into something visually appealing like an eBook or a brochure. With quick and easy templates available, you can have great looking content in a matter of minutes. This way, you can have visually appealing content without the need to employ a designer, saving you both time and money.

Embedded Tweets

Embeded Tweets

Embedded Tweets is an incredibly quick and simple way to embed tweets into your content. It is user friendly and incredibly great looking, plus it will save you a countless amount of time continuously taking screenshots whenever you’re discussing a tweet.

Buffer app


If you’ve got time to craft your content but none to monitor and distribute it (a vital part of the process), then Buffer is the perfect tool for you.

Buffer is great because it covers a multitude of areas. It’s a URL shortener, it allows you to post to multiple social sites, it allows you to see post engagement (both clicks and retweets), but also shows your potential- the people who have seen your post. For many, it’s the perfect all-rounder as it allows you to monitor all of these things in one place.


If you don’t really need everything that Buffer does, then opt for which is also a URL shortener.

As you’d expect, like Buffer, it is far more than this, and it allows you to track your performance across different platforms, and its social media dashboard allows you to monitor and optimise your content publication. If your business is big on social, is perfect for you, allowing you to monitor your social platforms in a heartbeat. You’ll never be too busy with



Got time to create but no time to distribute? Well MailChimp is the tool for you. MailChimp is an email campaign management service, and it is perfect for starting your email newsletter list and managing your subscribers.

You can download or pay a small fee for email templates, and the best thing is that you can send 12,000 emails to 2000 subscribers for absolutely nothing. You can never be too busy to distribute your content to thousands within seconds, can you?



If your problem is that your IT department is stacked then you need Unbounce. Unbounce is brilliant as it allows you to use a template to create a bespoke landing page which is optimised for converting – whether it’s a download, an enquiry or an email newsletter sign up.

So, there we have it, content apps that cover every possible angle. From idea generation through to distribution and monitoring, there are literally hundreds of apps out there that you can use to save you valuable time. As always, good quality content will take time, but apps and tools are essential if you also need to keep your eyes on the day job.