The Stag and Hen Experience

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Client: The Stag and Hen Experience

Surpassing expectations through a controllable PPC strategy

With over 10 years’ experience in the events industry, the team at The Stag and Hen Experience are experts at crafting high-quality weekends across the UK and Europe. Aiming to maintain a steady flow of leads from their target audience, Stag and Hen enlisted the help of WMG.

What did we do?

PPC was the focus to achieve Stag and Hen’s objectives and we identified RLSA (Search Remarketing) as the best option to hit their KPI’s. Working with the client, effective content was produced to create small ad tests including Stag and Hen’s best-selling activities. Audience lists were applied to all non-converting visitors alongside bid modifiers based on performance. Landing page A/B tests were run within selected campaigns to determine which pages convert better for particular search terms. The lowest converting ads were then paused and those with the highest conversion rates continued.

Location specific campaigns were run based on the most popular experience destinations including Bristol, Prague, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and Exeter, with ongoing optimisation across Google and Bing.

Due to the bespoke nature of Stag and Hen’s services, a strict and controllable process was needed to effectively manage the flow of leads. Campaigns were closely monitored and optimised considering conversion volume and CPA until we hit Stag and Hen’s lead target each month.

The Objective

  • Increase conversions for general “Stag Do” enquiries

  • Increase conversions for general “Hen Do” enquiries

  • Increase conversions for “Create Your Own” experience

  • Reduce CPC

  • Ensure the average CPA remains within defined target range for each month


“Having worked with WMG for many years, i cannot recommend them highly enough. They truly understood our objectives and KPI’s and consistently achieved and even bettered them. Ours is a challenging account as for a significant proportion of the year we try and limit the lead volume then, almost overnight, we’ll need to hit the campaigns hard and their flexibility to adapt to market conditions has proven invaluable.

The team have also been exceptional with their communication and Kiki deserves a special mention for thinking outside the box and suggesting other areas and keywords we could be targeting opening up new opportunities .”

Ross Bowdler, Director of The Stag and Hen Experience

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