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Snapchat Launches Its Long-Awaited Advertising API

Snapchat has recently announced it will be allowing users access to its social platform for advertising purposes. In an article published on the 13th June, Snapchat announced that a new API was coming in October 2016 called Snapchat Partners.

Snapchat Partners will enable third-party advertising companies to gain access to the Snapchat platform and advertise on behalf of their clients. Snapchat Partners is further split by Ads Partners, Creative Partners and Measurement Partners, of which Google’s own DoubleClick is heavily involved.

Speculation into the actual format of advertising is rife, with the traditional Snapchat vertical video format expected to be the standard and the potential for branded GeoFilters and sponsored Lenses.

Artists and designers can already submit a free Community GeoFilter through the Snapchat website for their city, university, local landmarks or other public locations. Current guidelines stipulate that no brand logos are allowed, which makes the recent announcement even more attractive to big businesses.

As a full-service digital agency, we’re looking forward to getting involved and recommending Snapchat advertising to our clients, where we’re able to create video content and secure the advertising through our partners.


source: AdWeek