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Sky Diving for a Great Cause

Last April 30th, our colleagues Dave Shave, Alex Gregory, Matthew Patterson and Tyler Berry jumped out of a plane as a charity activity for St. Michael’s Hospice.

After raising nearly £2000, our volunteers showed they were brave enough to take a 15,000 ft. dive.

Tyler Berry, one of our heroes, shared her personal experience with us.

“A Sky Dive has always been something I wanted to do since I was little and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fly,” said Tyler.

“Sky Diving has been on my bucket list for a while now but never thought I would manage to do one and for charity too, in doing so I managed to hit my target (£400) and more!”.

The initial thought of “signing your life away” as it reads “small but always definite risk of death” is quite daunting however, Tyler managed to stay calm.

“Everything goes so quickly so you don’t have time to think that you’re about to throw yourself out of a plane at 15,000 ft!  But when you do, free falling for a minute at 120pm is amazing and slightly uncomfortable at the same time”, continued Tyler.



After the parachute released, that’s when our team got to take in the breath-taking scenery, the lovely areas of Scunthorpe and Grimsby!

Then… it’s back to reality (with a smooth landing!).

Dave Shave: “I look like a flying badger/prune/mushroom”