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Sector: Automotive
Client: Shelbourne Motors

Conversions trebled for Shelbourne Motors with joint PPC and SEO strategy

Shelbourne Motors is recognised as a progressive and reputable car dealer group, representing top global companies including Toyota, Kia, Renault, Dacia and Nissan. Shelbourne Motors wanted to attract more of the lucrative online ‘used car’ and ‘new car’ markets, bringing WMG on board to close their competitor gap, increasing visibility, conversions and enquiries through PPC and SEO.

WMG have worked closely with the in-house marketing team at Shelbourne Motors since 2016 to achieve strong digital results.

What did we do?

To meet Shelbourne Motors’ objectives and ensure maximum exposure, a long-term SEO strategy was supplemented by the immediacy of PPC.

Starting with our extensive technical SEO audit, we created a strong base to build upon and highlighted areas for onsite optimisation. Detailed keyword analysis unearthed high volume and high relevance keywords which fed our recommendations for page updates. Producing quality, optimised content for these pages maximised their search opportunity and ensure we hit enquiries objectives.

To support onsite optimisation and maintain rankings, we undertook targeted outreach and backlink profiling. Targeting landing pages with the largest search volume including ‘Used cars’ and manufacturer pages for Nissan & Toyota’, it was our aim to increase site authority while maintaining control over links.

To reach their ‘new cars’ objectives, PPC supported areas where Shelbourne Motor’s organic performance was weaker and video content produced by Shelbourne Motors’ was used for remarketing purposes. Maximising conversion opportunities, we conducted A/B testing using the same ad copy but splitting traffic 50/50 to the ‘New car offers’ and ‘New cars’ landing pages. Running testing for a month, the expansion of audience lists allowed for more insight to be gained and further ad optimisation to be made. Both the PPC and display campaigns used Google’s in-market audiences targeting capabilities, focusing on specific categories including after sales, brand, business, new cars, rentals and used cars.   

The Objective

  • Improve CPA efficiencies for used cars

  • Increase enquiries for ‘used cars’

  • Increase conversions

  • Increase online sessions

  • Increase organic visibility and ranking


“We have a good working relationship with both the PPC and SEO teams at WMG. Through regular communication and goal setting we have been able to reach and often over-achieve our objectives. Our digital strategy is key to our business with our customers making a shift to making all or part of their purchase online. I look forward to a continued partnership with the team at WMG as we work on the continued growth of our online presence.”

Ronan Marshall, Group Marketing Manager, Shelbourne Motors