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Paid Social & Facebook Ads – Top 5 round up of Tools, Tips & Resources

Having become a Facebook Ads specialist over the last couple of years, today I’m going to share some of my top tools of the trade and resources for setting up and running Facebook Advertising campaigns.

  1. Facebook Power Editor

The Power Editor is the offline version of the Facebook Ads Manager tool. This tool gives you much more flexibility and functions to set up draft campaigns over Ads Manager. It also offers an export/input function for campaign and ad uploads through .txt and .csv files ideal for bulk campaign changes,

  1. Facebook Audience Insights (Ads Manager)

Some cool tools are hidden away in the Facebook Ads Manager, one of which is ‘Audience Insights’ which gives you useful data about an audience you wish to target. You can find out the types of Facebook pages your audience are likely to like along with more regular demographics such as age, gender, relationship and job roles.

e.g. Males – 18-34 – Interested in Health & Wellness

  1. Facebook Pixel Helper

This simple Chrome ad extension easily allows you to check if a website has the Facebook Ads pixel tracker installed. This is an essential tool for tracking code verification.

  1. AdEspresso

There are several Facebook Ads optimisation tools out there but one we’ve been using lately is AdEspresso. A nice simple dashboard that turns your campaign data into easily digestible insights (which the Facebook Ads manager lacks). Alongside this, its main USP is the ability to easily set up campaigns and split test audiences and ad creatives.

  1. Jon Loomer

You may have heard the name in the Digital Industry but this guy has a wealth of experience on Facebook Advertising and shares all his tips in his online blog. This is a must follow for anyone in the industry looking to learn and pick up tips!