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THAT Oscars Selfie: Marketing at its Best?

You’ve definitely seen it. You’ve probably liked it. You might’ve even shared it.

You along with more than 8.1 million people.


Yep, THAT Oscars 2014 selfie has drawn massive attention across the world and has become the most retweeted photo of all time…

  • It was embedded into 13,711 pages
  • It’s had more than 3 million retweets
  • 8.1 million people across Twitter saw it
  • This results in combined impressions of 32.8 million from 1 tweet
  • …and all by 5 am the following morning!

And the figure is growing still.

But were you, along with the rest of the world, taking part in one of the world’s biggest ad campaigns?

Ellen DeGeneres, the Oscars 2014 host took the selfie with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The same company who spent an estimated $20 million on TV ads to run during the 2014 Oscars award show. And whilst the fun snap felt spontaneous, according to insiders this was pre-planned product placement as part of the advertising campaign they’d planned.

“This was an excellent plug for the Samsung brand, showing just how much impact social media can have on marketing campaigns. You really cannot buy the influence that going viral on Twitter will have. This will have been much more successful in reaching their target market than any of their paid television adverts during the ceremony. Increasingly, we have seen a number of companies become shackled by television advertising, with many marketing campaigns becoming confined to the commercial break. Samsung have proven that out of the box thinking is more important than ever and, with those figures, who can argue? Having said that, paying for your social impact looks worse than ever at the moment, with even PM David Cameron paying for his Facebook fans… we don’t ‘like’ that; it’s all about natural #TeamEllen RTs.” – Tom Brook, Content Writer

While we’re feeling a bit like we were fooled, we’ve got to hand it to them; this was a pretty smart move by Samsung. And it will be interesting to see whether this huge social storm results in increased sales. Watch this space!

You can check out the full impact of Oscars 2014 on Twitter here: