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Our Group Management Team announced the management buyout (MBO) of the IDHL Group this week.

The MBO was supported by the investments of HSBC and Frontier Development Capital (FDC) following a continuous growth and financial performance in 2016.

The internal announcement took place at IDHL Group and WMG’s headquarters in Harrogate.

“This investment will help continue our ambitious growth drive and support our clients with innovative new products and services. It has been a transformative 12 months for IDHL with management appointments, new headquarters and a strengthening of our expert team. The MBO will help us keep up this momentum into the future”, said Dennis Engel, IDHL Group’s CEO.

The event included breakfast for the IDHL Group staff, with sandwiches, patisseries, orange juice and prosecco.

The MBO benefited several employees with shares, providing increased control and shareholding within the business.

IDHL Group has been growing on products and services in the past 12 months, adding new key management appointments, moving to the headquarters and exceeding revenues of £10.5 million in 2016.

The IDHL Group comprises WMG AgencyIngenuity Digital and NConstruct.