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IDHL Group 2017 Summer Party


IDHL Group Take the Party Indoors

A summer party isn’t complete without a few inflatables and party games thrown in for good measure, and that is what everyone at IDHL Group had to look forward to for Wednesday’s entertainment.

Fun and Games

Our staff at the IDHL Group, including WMG, Ingenuity Digital and NetConstruct, weren’t discouraged by the rain but instead took the party indoors at our local Christ Church in High Harrogate. The event was well attended with our colleagues travelling up from London and our team at NetConstruct joining in for what was a relaxing but positively competitive afternoon.  The IDHL Group hosted a variety of socially engaging activities such as the classic sack race, ‘over and under’ complimented with several fresh oranges and the good old three-legged race. There was even a fun game of Limbo to get people stretching!

Food and Drink

The IDHL staff enjoyed some lovely food and beverages, and it was good to see everybody having a fun time. There was a beautiful spread put on offering some of the yummiest sandwiches and cream cakes for dessert, and the party was relished with a nice cup of Pimms, thanks to our wonderful and helpful kitchen hosts!

Kim and Vickie were both more than happy to serve up the drinks for everyone.

Friendly Competition

So, the games kicked off with a bit of Limbo and our deserved winner Marta, flexed herself well to pull off some brilliant moves in being crowned champion of this event.

This activity was followed by a race in the sacks, and several colour coded teams were put to the test in trying to score points on the board.

The games then moved on to something that required team work and focus. ‘Over and Under’ tested each team’s capabilities of awareness, speed and precision in passing an orange from one person to another… The team which successfully delivered the orange to the other end of their line, first followed by everyone sitting down, would be declared the winner. It’s fair to say; a few teams brought in their own rules to try and score some suspicious points…but it was a good team building game.

A Fun Filled Day

The IDHL Summer Party was attended well and enjoyed by all in what was a fun filled day. With each team doing their best to score points, it was the Green Team who were successful in the day’s events.

We hope you feel inspired to host a Summer Party and try out some of these fun, team building games!