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Don’t pause, pivot.

We want to support you during this uncertain time.

Through our complimentary digital drop-in sessions, we want to help you pivot your marketing.

Uncertain times will undoubtedly affect marketing performance for many brands. Your 2020 marketing plans will have hit a few hurdles, from cancelled industry events and seminars, to postponed product launches, and diverted consumer attention. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, what was working for your business before is unlikely to work so effectively now.

But now’s not the time to pull the plug on your marketing investment. With people working from home, shops and restaurants closed and a lot less people out and about, the best channels to support your marketing goals just had a shake-up. Purchase journeys have been disrupted. But instead of pausing your activity and overhauling your marketing strategy, look to alternative digital tactics to help you hit your KPIs and consider investing in long term brand building.

Before you throw out your 2020 marketing plan altogether, call upon our experts. We’re still here, fully operational and ready to review your marketing strategy to help your business navigate through this uncertainty.

In our complimentary digital drop-in sessions, we will:

  • Discuss your current pain points and ways you can use digital marketing to overcome them
  • Review your existing marketing strategy and investment plan
  • Identify new digital marketing tactics and more budget-friendly alternatives that will get results
  • Identify content, digital PR and outreach opportunities that can boost brand presence and put you in front of your target audience
  • Review your market position in relation to your industry

Fill in the contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to book in your digital drop-in session.

    What our clients say 

    “We started working with WMG as we had a number of distinct challenges ahead of our business. Based on their extensive experience working on similar projects with other clients, WMG was the obvious choice for Robins and Day and we were confident in their ability to deliver against our objectives.”

    Harry Pennington, Marketing Manager, Robins and Day

    “Over the last couple of years, we’ve built up a great relationship with WMG, they’ve taken the time to learn about us, how we like to work and what we need. They’ve also been very generous with their time and expertise, something that in my experience is not always true of external agencies. We’re really happy with the success of our campaigns and the innovation WMG have shown in coming up with these campaigns.”

    Fran Puddick, Marketing Manager, Bolsover Cruise Club

    “Having worked with WMG for many years, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They truly understood our objectives and KPI’s and consistently achieved and even bettered them. Ours is a challenging account as for a significant proportion of the year we try and limit the lead volume then, almost overnight, we’ll need to hit the campaigns hard and their flexibility to adapt to market conditions has proven invaluable” 

    Ross Bowdler, Director, The Stag and Hen Experience
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