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COVID-19: Google Search Behaviour Trends

It is common knowledge that people turn to Google for answers and right now, people have A LOT of questions! Curious by nature and data geeks too, we couldn’t resist an opportunity to explore what people have been Googling following the Coronavirus outbreak. Spoiler alert, we are searching for more than just toilet roll….

From immune boosting health, takeaways, home offices, legal advice, holidays and everything in between, the public are turning to Google for guidance. And that’s not surprising. Considering the uncertain time we’re in, many people will take comfort in the information they can find from search engines.

As behaviour continues to change on a day to day basis, it’s crucial for businesses to keep up with their audience and where relevant, provide them with what they need. Take a look at our top tips for maximising your marketing efforts during a crisis:

  • Stay active on social: Even if your brand is not selling the goods that people are buying right now (think toilet roll, vitamins and office chairs), it’s still important to maintain your presence. Your audience is out there and online, more so than ever. While they are busy researching and scrolling, take the opportunity to share and connect with them, but always ensure your content is true to your brand.

  • Review your SEO strategy: If there’s one channel that will keep on giving at the moment, it’s organic search. As you can see, people are turning to search engines for the answers to their many questions, and sometimes just for a bit of reassurance and distraction too. Effective SEO helps you reach people with buyer intent, no matter what their stage in the purchase funnel. Whether they’re looking to buy now or in the future, people tend to do their research first and that’s why it’s critical your business is visible in the SERPs.

  • Take a look at your paid media: More people than ever before have been forced online, using digital and social platforms to keep themselves entertained and informed. From Google PPC, to paid social and video ads on YouTube, it’s important to consider where your audience currently is, where they are interacting most and review your paid media strategy to reflect this.

Need more information on how you could be rethinking your digital marketing strategy in a time of need? Get in contact with our fully operational team of experts who are ready and waiting to help.