Sector: Finance
Client: ALA IB Limited

Integrated PPC, SEO & CRO campaign increased
leads by 54%

ALA IB Limited are a provider of gap insurance who aspire to hold the top Organic and Paid Search spots for relevant keywords.

What did we do?

Not an impulse purchase, typically buyers of gap insurance will have conversations with their local dealership followed by significant online research and shopping around before committing to a policy.

Wanting to ensure full funnel engagement with potential customers, a multi-touch campaign was created with further attention given to conversion optimisation.

Channel collaboration was key. Balancing budgets and competitiveness, we focused PPC efforts on areas where current Organic presence was weak and targeted SEO rankings where it was too expensive to push PPC, ultimately making the most of ALA’s budgets.

By optimising technical elements onsite using WMG’s proprietary tools and external software, rankings for Industry Headline phrases and Industry Longtail terms were much improved.

RLSA was used to display very specific, tailored ads which targeted previous visitors who would now be ready to buy, and more likely to convert.

CRO complimented SEO and Paid activities. Through a series of usability and split tests that focused on core commercial pages, pages that ranked well organically and those experiencing traffic improvements, we improved conversion one point at a time to get the most out of growing traffic volumes.

The Objective

  • Drive incremental Organic and Paid traffic to ALA IB website
  • Increase PPC revenue by 30% YOY
  • Achieve PPC ROI of between 3:1 and 5:1
  • Increase Organic Revenue by 30% YOY
  • Increase conversion rate to generate additional revenue

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