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890 Changes to Google Search in Last Year Alone

Everybody knows that Google is a company that doesn’t hold back when it comes to innovation. With Google X working on all number of futuristic technologies like driverless cars and the newly-revealed package delivery drone, there’s no limit to the new sectors that Google is looking to have a position in.

Naturally though, Google’s bread and butter is search. With a history that dates back to 1997, it can’t be argued that any company knows more about the field of search in the world, and when you combine Google’s love for search with its love for fast-moving iteration and innovation, what you get is a search engine technology that is constantly being updated and improved for the sake and benefit of its users.

Recently, Google’s head of search Amit Singhal announced that they have made “more than 890 improvements to Google Search since last year”, which is quite an impressive number.

Improving Search

Google Search is an ever changing, ever evolving service that never stands still. With the news that Google has made close to 900 changes to its search engine over the last 12 months, it’s easy to be impressed by the sheer amount of innovation that the company is producing.

However, the news is even more impressive when you consider that in 2009, Google only (only!) made between 350 and 400 changes. This means that in the last five years, the company has over doubled the amount of changes it makes to its search engine.

According to Amit, the types of changes the company is making are diverse, and are not limited to the core algorithm, so this means that although the vast amount of the changes will affect the way people search and the results they find, some of those 890 improvements are cosmetic changes to the user interface, changes to auto-complete, Google Now and a number of other elements that make Google Search what it is.

How Does This Impact You?

Although changes can be positive for your business, you might find that hundreds of alterations to the way your customers are finding your site have a significant impact on your search rank, and this might effect your traffic and ultimately the amount of business you do online.

You might see some – or all – of the adverse effects of the alterations without a little bit of help from someone who knows about every one of these alterations and tweaks. Here at WMG, we’ve been helping our clients avoid slipping-up when it comes to traversing Google’s massive slew of updates. Believe us – there are ways you can keep your search rank (and improve it!) if you have the right help.